The Big Eco Debate

The Big Debate - campaign poster

When it comes to materials, what really is acceptable as eco-friendly.

Everyone has opinions on this, and they differ greatly. So many of us are having to stay at home during these troubled times. That gives us chance to reflect.

Whilst we stay at home, nature “recovers”.

What happens next is down to us all.

So, we have chance now to make some decisions for the future. In fact, for all future generations.

We wanted to use this opportunity to open up debate.

What really are eco materials, in terms of the products that we buy?

We want to hear what you think.

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What we really want to know is given the diversity of opinions on what materials are “acceptable” as being eco-friendly, can a common consensus be reached?

So many different opinions. So many different terms used, and Accreditation labels. No wonder people get confused.


Here are some examples to get the debate going:

We already know about plastic waste clogging up the oceans and killing marine life. So should we be avoiding all plastics? Even products made from recycled plastics (that could potentially encourage more plastic recycling rates)?

As a supplier or as a manufacturer another one of the options is ‘Vegan Approved’. Yet when we researched this it turns out that materials on the “approved” list can be oil-based and would otherwise NOT be considered eco-friendly. Because they will pollute the environment (not just in our opinion). Surely then these will also end up harming and killing animals, or have we missed something here?

Let us be clear, this is not in any way intended to offend anyone. People have strongly held views and are rightly entitled to them.


We really want to find out what people think and see if a common consensus can be reached.

Yes, of course we will use this to change our product range.

When choosing products where do we draw the line on what is and what is not acceptable?

So many confusing labels. Such different criteria.

feel free to share openly. Please respect opinions, this is a highly emotive subject for many people. All views and opinions are valid.

Only by having a constructive debate can we hope to reach common ground. There is no better time than now to talk about it.

Please tell us what you think. Ask everyone you know to join in the debate. Share on every social media platform you know. This is not just for us it is for everyone, for future generations, and for our one and only planet!

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